The Fall Challenge is Live!

Play at anytime during the 5-week game.

Compete with other STEM students while solving weekly engineering problems sets with Knovel's trusted content and interactive tools at your side, accessible from within The Challenge itself. As you answer questions correctly and accumulate points, you further qualify for weekly and grand prizes, while becoming more familiar with the engineer's workflow.


How to Play

Every Monday at 12:00 AM PST, a new problem-set will go live in the game. Each week, log in with your KAC credentials to begin playing. You can exit and re-enter the game at any time between questions, and you have unlimited time to submit, as long as you do so by Sunday at 11:59 PM PST.

You have 3 attempts to answer each question correctly. If the question is answered correctly on the first attempt, you get 4 points; on the second attempt, 3 points; and on the third attempt, 1 point. While you accumulate points, please note, only grand prizes depend on your total accumulation of points, and the weekly prize only depends on your points earned from that respective week. Email us at with any questions.


1st Place Grand Prize

Apple iPad Air with Wi-Fi 16Gb

2nd Place Grand Prize

SONOS speaker

Weekly Prize

$100 Amazon Gift Card

Challenge within the Challenge

$25 Amazon Gift Card

Challenge Content Contributors

Daniel Christe

Daniel is a fourth-year B.S./M.S. student in Materials Science & Engineering and Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics, respectively. His research centers on integrating multiscale experiments and simulations to accelerate design and deployment of new engineering materials, such as functional fabric devices. He holds a research appointment at Los Alamos National Laboratory and serves as Editor-in-Chief for the Natural Sciences & Engineering section of Drexel University’s Undergraduate Research Journal.

Rishiraj Mathur

Rishiraj is a senior year B.S. student in Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics. He has been part of the NASA RASC-AL forum of 2015 and led the team for Drexel to present their ideas pertaining to Earth independent habitats and Mars colonization. He has done research on Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells with the Drexel Smart House and is currently striving to popularize The Drexel Transformers, an organization designed to cultivate sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship among students at Drexel.

Krzysztof Mazur

Krzysztof is a second year B.S. student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics. During his first year at Drexel University Krzysztof joined the Theoretical and Applied Mechanics group and completed a Freshman Design Project focusing on damage detection in hard armor composites. In the summer, through Drexel’s STAR Scholars research program, characterized knitted functional fabrics.

Savannah Lee

Savannah Lee is a third year B.S. student in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Savannah serves as President of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Student Branch at Drexel. This year, she organized the first student-run hackathon at Drexel, Dragonhacks, with over 150 participants. Savannah completed two co-ops as a Hardware Engineer at Woodward McCoach and a Mission Systems Engineer at Lockheed Martin. In her free time, Savannah volunteers on the Mother-Infant Floor at Cooper Hospital. She enjoys camping and spending time with her family.

Hear what past participants are saying!

Victor O. Tenorio, Ph.D.

Professor of Practice, Department of Mining and
Geological Engineering University of Arizona

"Participating in the 2015 Knovel Academic Challenge was an amazing experience. Not only students were motivated to test their reasoning capabilities by using structured research and calculation tools, but also as an instructor I found that it helped me reinforcing fundamental engineering concepts."

Jay Bhatt

Drexel University

"The challenge is a fun and exciting way for students, from all over the world, to apply real-life engineering concepts to solving challenge questions in a healthy competitive spirit."

Hafiz Umar Shafique

University of Alberta

"As an engineering student, you often come across a situation where you need more than a simple definition of technical terms. With extensive database of units conversion, physical and chemical properties of materials, interactive graphs, interactive equation solving and, most important of all, a wide collection of books and publications to search from, Knovel proves more than just a search engine for engineers. Knovel academic challenge is a fun way of understanding the wide applications of Knovel tools in our every day technical problems."